Monthly Archives: July 2005

I’m outta here!

Try not to cry.

I’m heading to sunny North Carolina for a week of relaxation.

I will miss the Burgh and I will my my blog.

See you in a week!

Be sure to let me know if someone out there does something annoying or awesome while I’m away.

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Annoying Pittsburgher of the Week

Can we talk? Honestly, I was really having trouble figuring out who was the annoying Burgher of the week. Was it Hines Ward, who I secretly am supporting in his quest for moolah? Is it the judge that gave a slap on the wrist to the drug dealer that sold ecstasy that killed a girl? Is it you, Dan Sparvero of Fox Chapel? Why yes, it is!

Hiya, Dan!

Who the crap is Dan Sparvero of Fox Chapel, you innocently ask? He is a PG letter to the editor writer whose political bias is brighter and shinier than a 1,000 million suns.

This is NOT a political blog. As an author, I do not lean left (as seen in my defense of the Republicans that held the protest), nor do I lean right, (as seen in my willingness to go after Santorum). Therefore, when I wrote my post in praise of Dan (NOT Dan Sparvero), I was simply reacting to the fact that the Dems at this event had not one iota of a sense of humor. Again, nothing to do with homosexuality. The dems behaved poorly in the face of a humorous protest that ONLY turned ugly when they did.

Obviously Dan Sparvero of Fox Chapel is refusing to look at things with a sense of humor, nor an objective mind. If one would simply remove the Democratic/Republican filter with which they read news stories, one can EASILY see that the Democrats needed a couple thousand chill pills at this event. But Dan Sparvero of Fox Chapel chooses to ignore that, and only attack the Republicans, particularly the large-huevo-having Dan.

Look, Howard Dean is not gay. We know this. I don’t believe Dan was gay bashing at all. I’m not saying he couldn’t have chosen a better thing to say, but he was just called a homophobe by the Dems and cursed at by them. I don’t believe this was meant as gay-bashing, and it is unfortunate that it is how some saw it.

I love it how Dan Sparvero of Fox Chapel says that my Dan embarrassed everyone from himself to the entire Republican Party, while not mentioning that the dems at the event, with their venom spewing left and right, ripping signs and generally flipping the hell out, certainly weren’t doing themselves nor their party any favors in the image department.

People. Please. Politics is a passionate subject. But for the love of God, be willing to look at an issue fairly. Hey I have no problem with Dan Sparvero of Fox Chapel speaking out against my Dan, but don’t judge and criticize him while completely ignoring the fact that those on your side didn’t behave any better, if not a HELL of a lot worse.

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What a day in the Burgh!

I know I tend to come off as a rose-colored-glasses-wearing Pollyanna (“PollyBurgher”?) who thinks that everything and everyone “rocks”, but believe me, the Burgh is rocking today!

It is a glorious morning and not only that, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Bruce Springsteen, and Mrs. Kenny Chesney Renee Zelwegger are all in town today. According to the morning radio, the rumor is that the Boss is taking the stage with Kenny C. tomorrow at Heinz Field. So hey, even if you hate country music, you might enjoy the Boss right?!

Also, ran into some fishermen this morning as I gathered my iced coffee at Starbucks. I must say, there is a certain attractive quality to these fishermen in town for the Bassmaster Classic. They have this distinct, odd blend of athleticism and hickery (is that derogatory?) that for a brief flash, can seem kind of sexy. Obviously, I need to have my morning coffee to set my brain straight.

And finally, the entire city has a smile on its face, even the bat-shit crazy dude that started yelling God knows what to me this morning as I strolled down William Penn Way, and the nice taxi driver that assured me that yes, that dude is in fact nuts.

Ah. The sky is blue, the rivers are calm, and I am looking down on PNC Park with nary a smidge of haze in sight. This city does rock.

More tonight when I name the “Annoying Pittsburgher of the Week.” Unless Hines Ward calls me. Then I’ll let ya know straightaway.

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Urban Life rocks too!

Don’t know how they found me.

My blog is nearing 8,000 total hits since July 14. Pretty cool.

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YOU could own this photo!

Ever visited the Trib’s daily photo gallery? It is a great place to check out daily pictures from around the city. What is also great is that certain pictures can be purchased and framed for your use. This is good when you or a loved one is in a picture that appears in the paper. Prices range from $20 bucks for a 5 x 7 unframed to $405 for a 20 by 30 framed.

However, I am completely flabbergasted as to why the Trib thinks someone wants to purchase THIS particular picture of a truck accident and its driver, who is obviously not having the best of days.

I’m sure a framed 8 x 10 ($135) of this would look great hanging on your living room wall.

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