A little help.

An editorial in the Post-Gazette says the following about Sen. Santorum’s new book:

Sen. Santorum is particularly disturbed by career women who are also mothers. As he tells it, women who find it “more socially affirming to work outside the home than to give up their careers to take care of their children” are under the influence of “radical feminism.”

Look, the man is basically rewriting a James Dobson book and I could care less, however, this little paragraph is perturbing me. Someone who has read the book please tell me these lines are taken out of context, lest I name Sen. Santorum the Annoying Pittsburgher of the Week. Hey, there are benefits to being a stay at home mom, sure, and I’ve got nothing against Sen. Santorum, but painting with a Statue of Liberty-sized stroke and calling all working mothers “radical” feminists? Dude, how badly do you want to lose your next election?

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