Annoying Pittsburgher of the Week

You know, next week I refuse to name a politician the Annoying Pittsburgher of the Week, so I suggest some of you civilians or writers or TV anchors get out there and be annoying this coming week.

However, this week, meet losing mayoral candidate and current councilman Bill Peduto! Hiya Bill!

Why is Bill annoying?
Because some things should not be defended and boy, did he defend a DOOZY!

WPXI reports that Mr. Peduto bought 80 trash cans for his Shadyside district at a cost to taxpayers of . . . wait for it . . . $990.00 a pop. That’s right, almost a grand for a receptacle into which you place your waste.

WPXI discovered other cities buying or making similar trash cans for like a 1/10 of that cost, and brought it to Mr. Peduto’s attention.

Peduto defended the purchase. ““The cans are worth the costs,”” Peduto said. He said he hopes to encourage Shadyside building owners to make the area more attractive. Peduto said, “We’re asking owners to make a financial investment to create windows and put up high quality awnings. Shadyside is at a competitive disadvantage because of parking costs,”” Peduto said, “We shouldn’t be at a disadvantage because the areas are not attractive for people to be in.”

So come with me friends and follow me on Billy’s yellow-brick-road to his logic. Shadyside is struggling and not attractive (really?!). The only way he can figure to get the Shadyside businesses to create windows and put up high quality awnings is to place a $990.00 trash can in front of the business.

So not only is he assuming the store owners are going to go, “Would you look at that beauty sitting out there on the sidewalk!? I gotta go paint my awning to match, or maybe, maybe I’ll do a window theme about trash, yeah!” He is also assuming people are going to ignore the fact that Shadyside has crappy parking and expensive stores and say, “Hey, we may be poor, kids, but I will be damned if you think I’m going to go shopping at Target today because I refuse to place my trash in anything less than a $990 trash can. Load up the car; we’re going to Shadyside to deposit trash and get a parking ticket!”

On another note, I am DYING to know what a $990 trash can looks like, so I’m going to Shadyside to find out. So maybe Mr. Peduto’s plan is working. How annoying!

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  1. Michael P. O'Connor
    July 15, 2005 9:55 am

    Hay waint did he not run on being responcable with our money????