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Good Monday morning! You know, this is my place to bring the snark, and I certainly don’t want to snark inappropriately on a news item in which people were hurt (thankfully no fatalities); however, there are two things to point out from the story of a Venango family reunion being struck by lightning. The first of which is:

When lightning flashed in the sky, more than two dozen people sought shelter under a large pine tree.

Isn’t that like the biggest no-no in the world when it comes to a lightning storm? Don’t go under a tree right? I’m surprised that one of those 24 people didn’t bring that up as they waited under the tree.

The second item of interest is this:

Family members had been participating in a talent show when they sought shelter from the lightning.

How awesome is that?! A talent show at the family reunion. Maybe it is just me, but my big huge family has never had a talent show at our reunions, so clearly this Venango family, despite lacking some common sense about lightning, is pretty damn cool.

Update: As of this morning the only member of the family still hospitalized (a 11-year-old) is in critical condition still, so of course, we love our Burghers and hope he gets well soon!

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