Pennsylvania’s chief justice, who lobbied for a judicial pay raise that state lawmakers passed along with salary increases for themselves and cabinet secretaries, yesterday described opposition to the new law as “knee-jerk.”

“I’ve been watching what’s been happening out there and I’ve been noticing that instead of a reasoned response, I have yet to hear an argument made by anybody — by a commentator, by a citizen who’s approached me privately — that this is wrong based upon its merit,” said Supreme Court Chief Justice Ralph J. Cappy.

Huzzah? Gllbrlg. Plfgijf?!

Sorry, but when my intelligence is insulted so blatantly by a smarmy public official, my brain tends to freeze up.

You want a merit-based argument?

A $22,400 pay raise for him, plus across the board pay raises for every stinking lawmaker in the state at a time when tuition in the state schools is growing at light speed faster than inflation?

Glfjiej. Hibmanju. Fligjblr. Huzzah?

I gotta go lie down.

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