Nah-uh. Yah-huh! Nah-uh. I’m telling Rendell on you!

Okay, so now the State Police are claiming they will not participate in the $650,000 motorists survey and that they never agreed to it and they just ain’t doing it.

I’m betting a huge chunk of that $650,000 budget was for police salaries for those cops forced to handle the roadside survey-taking. So now that the police are no longer involved, where’s that money going?

Of course, this is the funniest thing:

Officials say the surveys would have helped the regional planning group better use federal transportation dollars.

How about NOT wasting $650,000 on a stupid paper survey? Ever think of that? Hmmm.

I can tell you right now what the federal dollars should be used for. Figuring out a way to make every damn tunnel in this city into three-lane tunnels. Talk about major traffic alleviation.

Get to work on that fellas. I charge $650,000 per minute. The bill is in the mail.

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