Fungi, Fun, Friends

And I thought the Greater Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club was awesomely ridiculous!

I had no idea about the folks at the Western PA Mushroom Club. I mean with a motto of “Fungi, Fun, Friends”, how could that club NOT be awesome!?

Not only do they have a website, they have a newsletter, officers, contests. They also have instructions on how not to accidentally fatally poison yourself:

Spore Print Your Mushrooms!
If Dr. Sam Ristich and Gary Lincoff still spore print their mushrooms, you should too. It may save you from a fatal mistake. If you don’t, here is the number for the Poison Control Center. We suggest keeping it handy on the fridge. 1-800-222-1222.

And this Saturday, a “foray”!

Google define of “foray”:

plunder: steal goods; take as spoils

Awesome. I may head out there and join the “plundering of fungi”.

I guess there really is a club for everything here in the Burgh!

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