Awwwwwwwww. Woman, call Brian!

I have a romantical mind, and in my mind Brian and “woman” are single parents that met at the pediatrician and Brian was too nervous to ask her for her number and is now regretting that decision.

“Woman” if you are reading this, call Brian. Unless of course Brian is a weirdo who is into preying on women at the pediatrician’s office, or if he’s married, or if you’re married, or if . . . you know what? Nevermind. My paranoid mind just bitchslapped my romantical mind into submission.

And then there’s this.

Honestly, I just feel so stupid when I read things like this because either this is secret code for God know’s what, or there is some inside joke that I am regrettably on the OUTSIDE of.

Okay, let’s go with code:

“What’s new in the bailiwick” is an anagram for “A WHITE WINE CAB WITH LINKS”
“Mother, son tenants upstairs” is an anagram for “A MAINSHEET NOONS RPT TRUSTS”

These are instructions for a meeting at the white car with the reports at noon and obviously, I mean very plainly, we can see . . . yeah, I got nothing.

But hey, if something goes down in the Burgh this week, PittGirl was on the story first!

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