Just trying to put dinner on the table…for my family of 1

Okay, this is the last I’m speaking of the controversial pay raise among the general assembly in the state. I just could not let a quote as ironic as this one go to waste without bringing the snark.

Rep. H. William DeWeese, the State House minority leader said this to the Trib:

DeWeese voted yes, citing the need for a “family-sustaining level” of compensation, and will take his money now.

What’s so ironic about his need for “family-sustaining level” of compensation of about $87,894?

As far as I can gather, the man is single and has no children.

Hey, if you’re taking the money, guys, take the money. But quit insulting our intelligences with these craptastic excuses. Say “no comment” and get back to work. Geez.

And if DeWeese is married and has seven children he needs to support, someone let me know, ‘kay?

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