Pittsburgh: Gay-friendly or Gay-UNfriendly? Let’s find out.

So one of my loyal readers (one of the 12 that is) is moving from a big gay-friendly city here to the Burgh and is a bit nervous. Is Pittsburgh considered gay-friendly? For Nat’s sake, let’s find out.

From a forum about gay-friendly cities, someone pipes up with:

Ok, that’s a start. Let’s find out more.

The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh says on their website:

Pittsburgh is not the gay “mecca” that some T.V. shows would have you believe, but it is still a GREAT place to live.

Likely they are referring to Queer as Folk, which is set in the Burgh.

Here you can read about gay-friendly education in the Burgh (last item) and here you can read about gay-friendly churches in the Burgh.

And how about this! The Greater Pittsburgh Convention and Visitors Bureau offers a City Navigaytor!

Also, according to this article

Girlfriends, a lesbian magazine in Pittsburgh, has frequently placed the city among the top 15 gay-friendly places to live.

(EDIT: Stupid Post-Gazette. Girlfriends is published out of San Francisco. Hat tip: Nat. See, you really CAN’T believe everything you read.)

And finally, this:

While Pittsburgh may not be ready to be called a “gay Mecca,” it’s definitely not as bad as you may think …Pittsburgh is home to a popular annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and a thriving gay publication, Out magazine, among other institutions of its gay community.

So there you have it. The verdict: NOT a gay mecca, but NOT gay-unfriendly.

Welcome to the Burgh, Nat!


  1. Nat
    July 26, 2005 3:45 pm

    Awww, I am totally feeling the love!!!

    Although it’s interesting how many of the comments were prefaced with phrases like “it’s not as bad as you think,” suggesting that my concerns were not entirely unfounded.

    And I think that Girlfriends, may be a magazine based in San Francisco, rather than a local rag–but I know that is the Post-Gazette’s error, not Pittgirl’s mistake…

    Now I’m looking forward to discovering Pittsburgh’s friendliness for myself this Fall, and hope some other folks comment on this particular subject!

  2. pittgirl
    July 26, 2005 9:32 pm

    Just keeping my loyal readers happy. :)

  3. pittgirl
    July 26, 2005 11:05 pm

    And you’re right about San Francisco. I edited the post. Stupid PG. :)

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