Intentions schementions!

I’m not saying that Santorum is going to run for presidency. I’m just saying that the Associated Press is being a bit. . . well, A LOT, naive with this headline.

What Santorum actually said was this gem:

“I can’t speak for other politicians but I can speak for me, and my intention is not to run in 2008.”

Intention schmentions. I have no INTENTION of slapping the next person that asks me if it is hot enough for me (yes, thank you, it is); however, I just may be driven to do it. Isn’t there some saying about the best of intentions, blahbitty blah blah? I’m pretty sure it goes something like that. I’m just too stinking hot to Google it.

When Santorum says on the record, “I have completely ruled out a bid for the White House in 2008. Sooner will I vote for gay marriage before I will run for the presidency in 2008,” THEN we can MAYBE believe him and the AP can go with that headline.

Until then, well, blahbitty blah blah. You get my meaning right?!


  1. Me in Dormont
    July 13, 2006 5:44 pm

    I know this post is a little old, but I just wanted to add my two cents.

    Newspapers and Web sites often (but not always) change the headlines of AP stories to fit space, style or whatever.

    There’s a chance that this was the AP’s original headline, but there’s a better chance that the Trib wrote it.

    Just an “insider’s” tip.

  2. pittgirl
    July 13, 2006 7:31 pm

    Thanks for the tip. :) And I get emailed all comments so you can comment on ANY post and I’ll get it.