As soon as August nears, if you’re breathing Pittsburgh air, you start trying to convince yourself that autumn is coming any day now. You start saying things to your bus buddies like, “Feel that? The air is different!”

I would posit that autumn is by far the favorite season of the Burghers. Why? Not only do we get a break from the heat that we spent all of March pining for, and not only are we able to see the hills due to the dissipated smog/fog/haze, but far far more importantly . . . FOOTBALL SEASON.

So this morning, I am basking in the fact that it is only going to 78 degrees today. I told my bus buddy that, “Hey, do you feel that? The air is changing!” Training camp starts Sunday. And what the hell headline greets me this morning but this from the PG: And then I began crying.

Hines Ward just adds a little something intangible to the Steelers. I mean, I witnessed firsthand his hilarious mocking of Terrell Owens with his eagle in flight imitation. He has a four gajillion watt smile and is just plain fun to watch catch a ball.

I alternate between wanting to bitch at Hines Ward for being greedy and wanting to fall on my knees, rend my garments, and beg him to stay. I’ve chosen begging.

He’s in town this week and if someone could just get this message to him:


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