Annoying Pittsburgher of the Week

Can we talk? Honestly, I was really having trouble figuring out who was the annoying Burgher of the week. Was it Hines Ward, who I secretly am supporting in his quest for moolah? Is it the judge that gave a slap on the wrist to the drug dealer that sold ecstasy that killed a girl? Is it you, Dan Sparvero of Fox Chapel? Why yes, it is!

Hiya, Dan!

Who the crap is Dan Sparvero of Fox Chapel, you innocently ask? He is a PG letter to the editor writer whose political bias is brighter and shinier than a 1,000 million suns.

This is NOT a political blog. As an author, I do not lean left (as seen in my defense of the Republicans that held the protest), nor do I lean right, (as seen in my willingness to go after Santorum). Therefore, when I wrote my post in praise of Dan (NOT Dan Sparvero), I was simply reacting to the fact that the Dems at this event had not one iota of a sense of humor. Again, nothing to do with homosexuality. The dems behaved poorly in the face of a humorous protest that ONLY turned ugly when they did.

Obviously Dan Sparvero of Fox Chapel is refusing to look at things with a sense of humor, nor an objective mind. If one would simply remove the Democratic/Republican filter with which they read news stories, one can EASILY see that the Democrats needed a couple thousand chill pills at this event. But Dan Sparvero of Fox Chapel chooses to ignore that, and only attack the Republicans, particularly the large-huevo-having Dan.

Look, Howard Dean is not gay. We know this. I don’t believe Dan was gay bashing at all. I’m not saying he couldn’t have chosen a better thing to say, but he was just called a homophobe by the Dems and cursed at by them. I don’t believe this was meant as gay-bashing, and it is unfortunate that it is how some saw it.

I love it how Dan Sparvero of Fox Chapel says that my Dan embarrassed everyone from himself to the entire Republican Party, while not mentioning that the dems at the event, with their venom spewing left and right, ripping signs and generally flipping the hell out, certainly weren’t doing themselves nor their party any favors in the image department.

People. Please. Politics is a passionate subject. But for the love of God, be willing to look at an issue fairly. Hey I have no problem with Dan Sparvero of Fox Chapel speaking out against my Dan, but don’t judge and criticize him while completely ignoring the fact that those on your side didn’t behave any better, if not a HELL of a lot worse.


  1. Michael P. O'Connor
    July 29, 2005 11:39 pm

    I was one of the Republicans there. I will say this the sign rippers, and the fowl language users were not Democrats, they were so liberal they were left of the farthest left Democrat you can find, they called them self antiracists. Even the Dean supports told them to stop it (ripping of the signs.) I did leave around 6:15pm since I had to get back to my church for work night (I am a trustee there, and have responsibilities) But if you are remotely interested I have pictures and a video on my site.


    I do refer to them as libs on my site, because they were liberal, but just more liberal then the Democrates.

  2. pittgirl
    August 8, 2005 10:40 am

    Yep. Liberal and conservative is probably a better label in this particular scenario. Some libs give Democrats a bad name and some conservatives give Republicans a bad name.