Support the Hines Ward Future Brain Tumor Fund!

Here’s an argument for Hines Ward’s salary request that you haven’t heard yet.

All those complaining about H. Ward and his salary request are not going to be full of aches and pains at age 50. I have found that most of you folks complaining honestly beleive that a lot of sports athlete’s don’t deserve the money they are paid. Perhaps that has to do with a lot of “envy”. We all know these players suffer a lot of body damage, therefore his extra $2 Million may have to go towards removing a brain tumor or something in the future who knows.

Heh. That’s reaching isn’t it? Hey I say give the man the money, but I’m not so stupid as to back up my viewpoint with THAT doozy of an argument. Awesome.

And this? It’s sick man!

hines ward is the greetest player of football to ever graice the steelers orginization. i have played football all my life and I know what it takes to be a winner. hines has it all man, exsept the monies. what other player would go out there and put his life on the lines like he has? im talking about the 2003 season when he played with 2 brokened ribs. thats sick dude. he could have gotten a mad infection and had to amputate or something. i dont even like playing ball when i have srained ankle or nothin. its sick man. im sick, why dont they just pay him like all the other whinny punks that get what they want? hes the greatest man. i named my daughter after him. its sick man, anybody who says elsewise can just bring it dude.

Couple of things:

1. Does that mean he named his daughter Hines?!!? Holy Crap! Why not just name her Hines Heinz Ward (fill in the last name). Good God. There is such a thing as taking Steeler love too far.

2. I’m not sure, but did he just call “the greatest man” a “whinny punk”. That’s a compliment if I ever heard one.

3. And finally, what the HELL do you amputate when you get a “mad infection” in your RIBS?
Doc: “Sorry Hines, it looks as though the infection isn’t responding to the antibiotics. We’re going to have to amputate your TORSO.”

Pittsburgh Steelers fans rock.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 8, 2005 9:20 pm

    “srained ankle or nothin”

    Hemingway has nothin’ on this guy.