Doing Number 2 with Concentration

If you’re a Burgher, maybe by now you’ve come across “Cat’s Call”, a local advice column in the PG written by one miss Catherine Specter. I must give Cat props for giving what I consider to be sound advice 99.99% of the time. That other .01%? Yeah, that happened today.

The issue? An office chickadee here in the Burgh was getting tired of her officemate always trying to have chitchat while they were in the bathroom stalls at work (they were on the same “schedule” you see), so she wrote to Cat and asked if it would be a no-no to tell said officemate to shut up. Cat’s call?

Nobody wants to associate officemates with bathroom duty. It’s just gross. Telling someone to shut up is a little harsh. “Shh, I need to concentrate” is gentler.

A moment please, while I pick myself up off the floor. Can you IMAGINE? “I need to concentrate”?!?!? What the HELL do you need to concentrate on? Aim? Exertion? Flushing? Wiping clean?

And if that wasn’t enough, Cat ends with this:

Cat’s Call: ‘Cause whatever you do in a stall, it should be gentle.

Is this for real?!? I mean, did anyone at all read this one before it went to print?

What should it have been? This:

PittGirl’s Call: Unless this officemate is your boss, begin describing your stall “doings” in graphic detail as they occur. Chances are she’ll quit chit chatting with you while you’re doing your business.


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  1. Steve
    November 12, 2007 2:32 pm

    LOL… I got a real kick out of PitGirl’s Call on this one.