Weird Pittsburghers on eBay Volume III

Ready for more awesomely ridiculous stuff for sale on eBay by some local folk? Time once again to check in:

  1. Because every baby wants to have a worm-alien crawl out of their head for Halloween!
  2. I’m going to go with: A fish.
  3. Yeah, Mothers-in-law can be like that — always buying scary crap for your kids. I wonder if she also got the child one of these?
  4. Yeah, good luck with that. If only. Damn, I’m hot.
  5. And this keychain? Totally NOT SAFE FOR WORK. But a TOTALLY awesome gift for your next bachelorette or bachelor party.

And I didn’t even touch the dudes that are selling the insane S&M stuff out of the Burgh. Mostly because I have no idea what 99% of the crap is supposed to be used for. All I know is that just by looking at the pictures, I wanted my mommy.

1 Comment

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