There’s money in donuts!

Remember my article about the 18,653-square-foot Hardy Mansion being up for auction? Well it sold for half of its value this week and the lucky winner was Durlabhji “Duke” Ukani, 52, of Upper St. Clair.

Duke came to America, bought a Dunkin Donuts, then had four, then started buying gas stations and now has 10.

Why am I telling you this, when clearly, as an educated reader of my blog, you can just go do this reading for yourself?

Oh, you doubt me.

It seems as though Duke planned to stop bidding against the other 11 bidders when the price reached $3 million, but then decided to go higher. His fabulous quote regarding the extra $500,000, that I can’t believe he said on the record:

I figured making another $4,000 payment each month won’t hurt.

Reading this quote created a weird mix of emotions in me of two parts being impressed by his success and good fortune, one part being a bit annoyed that he would say something so hoity-toity in the print media, three parts of being blind with jealousy, mix well, cover, and bake at . . . oh, wait . . .where did I just go?

And they are filling the house with over $200,000 worth of furniture from India!

I know the Hardys, the Hannahs, the Heinzes and the Hillmans (Hey! Why the crap does every rich person in the Burgh have a last name that starts with “H”?!? Go work on that for me.) have more money than Duke, the point is that you don’t ever hear them go on about it in the media.

Anyway, two lessons we can all learn here:

  1. Duke is really, really rich and doesn’t care if all of the Burgh knows it.
  2. There is craploads and craploads of money to be made in donuts and gas.

Duke? Can I come over for dinner??!?!!

More posts tonight, including one of me braving the local scientologists once again. I may need protection.

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