Annoying Burgher of the Week

Question: What’s worth more? A life or a car? Life or car? Lifeorcarlifeorcarlifeorcar. That’s a toughie.

Why do I ask? Well it seems KDKA took Mayor Murphy on a tour of the damage to the garages of the Gateway Towers. Upon seeing the damage, KDKA reports this:

“Oh my God,” was the Mayor’s first reaction on seeing dozens of water-logged vehicles, likely worth millions, and likely to be declared a total loss. The mayor told Marty he thought he had seen it all. “This is far worse damage than we’ve seen for the last two floods we’ve had in Pittsburgh.”

Really? REALLY?!?!Let’s recap:

  • In September of 2004, the city was flooded from a storm that hit as a remnant of Hurricane Ivan.
  • 35-year-old Dennis Santiago died when he was caught in the flood waters
  • Damage is currently estimated at $264 million
  • More than 30,000 homes and businesses in Pennsylvania were damaged, 11,000 of those in Allegheny County alone.
  • The business district of Carnegie was completely wiped out. Livelihoods were lost.
  • God knows how many boats were destroyed. I mean an entire dock, with boats attached just floated down the river.

All that and guess what? Mayor Murphy thinks the loss of cars at Gateway Towers is worse than all of that. In fact, he was so concerned that KDKA reports he actually got in some of the cars and tried to start them, with the help of the garage operator.

Tommy? Everyone’s got car insurance. Practically NO ONE has flood insurance for their home or business. And I think Dennis’ family will agree that his life alone was worth a hell of a lot more than the cars that got flooded this week.

Just a dumb thing to say, on camera no less, and it annoyed me. So in sum, Mayor Tom Murphy is this week’s Annoying Burgher of the Week.

Welcome to the club, Tom! I sure hope your comments were “taken out of context”.

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