The pig stands alone.

You know how you read occasionally about the Animal Friends people or the ASPCA raiding a house and removing craploads and craploads of animals from one house due to the fact that crazy people were “sheltering” the animals there in deplorable conditions. You read things like “30 animals were removed” and then you finish the story and move on, right?

Not me and not this story.

I read “70 animals” (36 dogs, 20 cats, nine parrots, six mice and one guinea pig) and a couple of things enter my mind.

1. What must THAT look like? The answer? This:

I hope that you are like me and you took one look at these animals (my rendering by the way) and you said what I did: “Holy shit.”

and 2. Just ONE guinea pig?!?? What did the poor fellow do to earn that place in life? Surrounded by 36 dogs, 20 cats, six mice, and nine parrots?!? Just one guinea pig. Poor thing. I imagine that was a lonely-in-the-crowd existence. I bet the mice ganged up on him all the time and took his lunch, just because they could.


  1. Henry
    August 19, 2005 11:00 am

    Classic stuff…

    I like this line, “Willis is an author who has written books about animals.”
    What was the title? How to Get Seventy Animals in Your Basement To Shut the Hell Up. ???

    And nice pic—you make that?
    Another great post pittgirl!!!

  2. Julie
    August 19, 2005 11:14 am

    Heh – I volunteer there and when we went down yesterday to walk dogs, the news was there filming their story. I tried my best to get my butt or feet on camera, but alas, I was not chosen. It seems that it’s always Channel 4 news down there… they should really call Channel 11 so they can get some quality reporters to get their story, like my hero and AIM namesake, Newlin Archinal. Or Alan Jennings, so he can run by shoving his microphone in everyone’s faces asking, “Ma’am! Why did you choose to wear that XXL Tweety Bird t-shirt today? Ma’am! Can I get a comment?!”

  3. pittgirl
    August 19, 2005 11:38 am

    Heh. I’m laughing, people. I’m laughing.