Radar’s Burgh-Love

Do you know what Radar magazine is? If you are cool, you said, “Hell, yeah!”

Radar is a political/pop culture/style magazine that started in 2003, money dried up, closed down, and then this year finally got a new investor and relaunched in August. I am a charter subscription member and can tell you that I love this mag so much for their braveness in not kissing celebrity ass every two seconds.

They are funny, controversial, and brave.

So, imagine my utter surprise when I am reading the fall edition (Tom Cruise/scientology expose on cover) where there is a little section that has snippets of what critics and other media had to say about Radar’s first issue in August and I see THIS:

Bill Freaking Steigerwald! Quoted in Radar! You can read his review of my new favorite mag here.

Do you know the weirdness that resulted in my brain as I tried to reconcile the fact that Bill Freaking Steigerwald was quoted in Radar?

Then I flip a few more pages of my Radar and the culture report encourages me to check out this:
Two times in one edition, Pittsburgh is represented.

Odd. And awesome.

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  1. Henry
    August 24, 2005 4:14 pm

    Warhol Porn and a Steigerwald.
    OK–we can handle that.

    Glad its back for your sake–I never heard of it. Damn, and I thought I was cool.