When SUVs grow wings and fly . . .

Ever read about a car crash and hear things like, “The car went airborne for 40 feet” and say to yourself, “Holy hell! Airborne for 40 feet!”

Yeah, I used to do that too, until I read this:

Rhodes was accused of losing control of her SUV, going airborne for 230 feet and crashing through a wall of a garage, killing 83-year-old Lester L. Smith.

Let me spell that out for you: two hundred and thirty feet. You know what is 230 feet? Enough to jump over 38 Saturn VUE-sized SUV’s lined up side to side. In fact, the Pitt Fall at Kennywood is 250 feet. Let me give you a rough to-scale visual of how far that woman from Bedford flew in her SUV.

Again, I say: Holy hell!

I’m guessing no matter what she pleads, she’s going to jail.

Drive safe, folks.

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  1. Henry
    August 25, 2005 12:32 pm

    I went on that Pitt Fall thing when it was built—I swear my heart stopped for about 3 seconds, and I swore I would never go on it again.
    I can’t imagine doing that in a SUV. Not even hopped up like her on meth and weed (allegedly)…