Ben Roethlisberger is delusional.

“Whoa, PittGirl!” you say?

Them are some fighting words, true. However, Ben Roethlisberger is delusional. I’ve only recently realized this, thanks to a little help from Ed Bouchette.

Let’s investigate. Come along with me as we take a look at some of Big Ben’s Deep Thoughts over the last week. And away we go:

After losing to the Redskins on Friday, Cowher said, “I’m disappointed in the effort tonight and I thought certainly, offensively, our passing game has not been in sync this entire preseason.”

Big Ben had this to say about that quote from Cowher: “I have a lot of things to be optimistic and confident about (such as?). I’m confident in this offense, our offensive line did a great job tonight (no). I really think we have great potential and we’re real close (close to what?) … I’m not going to contradict coach (ya just did). If he doesn’t think guys (what guys, Ben?) did [give a good effort], then obviously they didn’t, but I’m going to give our line lot of credit. I think they did a great job tonight.”

Ben, the receivers do not PASS the football, that is your job, so when Coach criticized the passing game, I’m betting he was thinking of YOU too, Ben “haven’t thrown a touchdown yet” Roethlisberger. Don’t try to make it all about everyone else with the “they they they.” They aren’t the only ones that sucked. You sucked too.

Coach Cowher compared the atrocious showing to how poor the training camp had gone. Ben didn’t agree.

“I thought the last couple of practices were good, mentally, for me and the rest of the quarterbacks. We got all the final stuff in. I really feel that, mentally, the last week of practice was really good.”

Ben? I do not give a rat’s ass about how well you felt practice went MENTALLY for you (and the hell does that mean anyway?), what we fans and Coach Cowher care about is how practice and the game went for you PHYSICALLY. We don’t care if inside of your big non-helmet wearing head you threw every pass on target. We care that you throw every pass on target here on Earth.

Let’s continue on.

On Friday, Benny completed 6 of 15 for 57 yards, had an interception and had a 23.5 passer rating (in case you don’t know football, those stats mean that Ben didn’t do too hot). Asked about how he felt the game went in general, keeping in mind that the Steelers lost, Benny said, “I think tonight was good.”

Um. Could someone please get this guy a dictionary and show him what good means? Or at the very least an Elmo Opposites book so that he can learn through happy pictures what the difference is between good and bad. Of course, MENTALLY, Ben probably went 40 for 40 with 450 yards, no interceptions with a 158.3 passer rating.

Again, I am not getting on Ben for not performing very well as of late. I am getting on him for the idiotic things he is saying in the media. Benny is a hero to many and he is very popular (although there are rumors). Believe it or not, I like Benny. I do! I just like him a little less now.

Okay, Burghers. I’m ready. Let the hate mail cometh.

Edit: Okay, I felt bad about calling Benny an idiot.


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  4. Boob
    September 10, 2007 11:39 pm

    You’re a douche.

  5. Melissa
    August 6, 2008 7:40 pm

    Thank God! It’s really hard ot find anyone in this town who doesn’t think he walks on water, even after that crap non-helmet-wearing stunt he pulled. I hope you have an RSS feed because I definitely need to read your blog. Have a great day!