Warning: Nothing to do with Pittsburgh and everything to do with giant teeth

You’ve been warned. This is NOT a Burgh post, but as I have said in the past, sometimes I read or see things so absolutely hilarious or ridiculous that I have to share.

So first a bit of background.

Hilary Duff? The Duffster. Know her? Of course you do. She’s been getting slammed in the media lately because she had suddenly grown some weirdly large white teeth. The chicklet teeth. It’s no secret that they are veneers, but she sure looks different.

Anyway, Hilary was quoted by MSNBC as saying the reason she got the veneers is because . . . are you ready? Wait for it….

Hilary Duff says she had to get veneers because she kept chipping her teeth on the microphone while singing.

Whoa! How nasty and rotting were her teeth if she was chipping them on the microphone?! I mean, if she had said, “I chipped a few while playing hockey” or even “while eating hard candy,” I wouldn’t think anything of it. But either Hilary Duff had awfully unhealthy teeth or she is using a microphone incorrectly.

Again, nothing to do with the Burgh. Those posts will come later in the day, after I’ve had my pumpkin spice latte. Hey! I made a poem.

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  1. blee1
    August 31, 2005 8:49 am

    So… to clarify:

    The term “clipping my teeth on the microphone” is really slang for “sucking my way to the top”?