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The Most Awesome Headline Ever

There is absolutely nothing else to be said.

A little advice, please?

I’ve decided that reaching 20k hits, means I should get a better logo on the blog.

Any of you regular posters or lurkers out there willing to tell me which of these logos you like best? Feel free to recommend one tag line be paired with a different main line, i.e Tagline 4 with Mainline 1. Also, feel free to post as anonymous.

Much thanks!

Here’s #1:Here’s #2:
Here’s #3:
Here’s #4:
Or do you have a better tagline idea? Like, “PittGirl is HOT! Pittsburgh is cool!” Maybe I should use that?

The Jews for Jesus Heed PittGirl’s Advice!

Yesterday as I left my building (mine, all mine), there was a Jew for Jesus stationed on the corner. Of course, my friendliness and desire to be liked required that I take the blue pamphlet she handed me. I thanked her (I know) and continued walking.

My absolute inability to control my curiosity got the better of me and I looked at the card in my hand. It was not, I repeat NOT a “I Don’t Believe in Prostelyzing” pamphlet! It is about damn time someone started listening to me!

This card was a voting ballot!

So the front of the card looks like this (my answers are marked).

“That’s interesting,” I thought. Wonder why the Jews for Jesus are so into politics suddenly and encouraging people to vote?

Then I flipped the card over and it informs me that I can’t vote for Mayor right now (I can’t vote for Mayor because I don’t live in the city), but that I CAN cast my “vote for Y’Shua (Jesus).” Also, I should write or call “Choose for Jesus Campaign Headquarters.”

Tricky, tricky!

Silly Jews for Jesus, tricks are for scientologists.

But HEY, at least they handed me something different!

Bob! You forgot your weapon again!

This concerns me greatly. This is a picture of the one of the ladies involved in the recently-busted Monroeville prostitution ring (She’s no Heidi Fleiss. Hell, she’s no Mrs. Doubtfire either!), as she is being led from the Monroeville Municipal Building (photo via Trib/Merriman).

What concerns me is not the fact that I’m wondering if she is one of the prostitutes (um, ew?). No, what concerns me is the sign in the background, which I am assuming says,


I can only also assume that this sign is posted to remind cops not to leave their weapons behind as they leave the building.

Is this REALLY a problem so rampant that they had to post a sign to remind their squad not to leave their gun on their desk or in the men’s room or by the coffee machine? Were they just finding guns all over the place, scattered at random and the Chief finally said, “Damn it, Bob. You left your gun on the water fountain again! Someone post a sign please!” Did someone pick up a gun that shouldn’t have?

That concerns me.

What also concerns me is maybe the sign says:


20,000 hits and Futbol!

Happy Freakin’ Friday, yinz awesome Burghers, yinz!

Sometime last night, while I was all caught up in Mexico vs. Netherlands Sub-17 World Cup Semifinal soccer, The Burgh Blog had its 20,000th hit.

My blog is three months old, and I have no idea if 20,000 hits is good or crappy for a three month old blog.

Doesn’t matter. 20,000 seemed like a nice round number for me to pop on and say thank you to anyone who has visited my blog.

You are immensely cooler for having been here and I am immensely humble that you’ve ever bothered to visit here.

Also? Mexico won 4-0 and meets Brazil in the final. I’m sure you were dying to know. Now you don’t have to kill yourself! You’re welcome.