Casa D’Ice is f ing pissed!

There is a bar/restaurant housed in what was once an ice warehouse on Rt. 30 North Versailles, just past the KMart at the intersection of Routes 30 and 48.

The owners have taken to placing their political views on one of their signs. I’ve read everything from them saying that foreigners need to quit being allowed to enter the country because everyone is Mexican now to one sign that basically celebrated Johnny Cochran’s death (hey, I am no Cochran fan, however, everyone is someone’s child or loved one so I don’t celebrate death, unless your name is Osama Bin Laden, then I dance on your grave.) Some signs I agree with, some I think are a little over the top.

This is NOT a hole-in-the-wall establishment. It is a nice, well kept, large, popular spot to dine and hear a band.

Today, the sign says, and I’m paraphrasing because my photographic memory is cool, but isn’t able to read a 30-word sign as my bus screams by doing 50 mph: “After the tsunami, America gave billions and billions in aid. I have not heard of one foreign country giving one f ing (sic) cent to us. Take note President Bush.”

Dudes? Put down your righteous indignation for one second and read the news and then change your sign.

In fact, you can go here and read their signs.

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