Football practice is NOTHING without open cans of soda!

No, this is NOT one of those posts where I laugh in the face of the Trib because of the hilarious images they try to sell on their website.

This is a post where I ask, “Why is there an open can of soda flying toward this young man’s face and WHY is there no mention in the caption of the open can of soda flying toward this young man’s face?”

Perhaps there is a football practice drill that I am unaware of that utilizes an open can of soda?

Hmmm. Let’s ponder.

Let’s also once again ponder how long before the Trib gets annoyed with me and removes me from their blog roll.

Love you Trib!!!


  1. blee1
    September 8, 2005 10:22 am

    “Defensive tackle Thomas Smith was expected to start Friday at Ohio but will be out for two weeks due to a blunt trama head injury”

  2. pittgirl
    September 8, 2005 10:23 am

    Dude? You’re funny.

  3. blee1
    September 8, 2005 11:01 am

    “Funny how? Do I amuse you? Am I some sort of clown? How the fuck am I funny?” — Goodfellows

  4. rob
    September 8, 2005 2:39 pm

    Isn’t Pittsburgh a pop town?

  5. Henry
    September 8, 2005 5:09 pm

    Rob I was wondering the same thing.
    I thought maybe we were smelling a transplant.

  6. pittgirl
    September 8, 2005 8:39 pm

    Not a transplant at all. My use of the word “soda” stems from my four years of college in Texas. Some even tell me I’ve picked up a permanent hint of a southern accent from my years there. I say “ya’ll” probably too much and many people don’t believe me when I tell them I am a native Burgher because I don’t have the Burghese speak or accent. But hey, a “yinz” still escapes my lips on occasion.