You cannot be serious!

Apparently a study was done as to which NFL team had the ugliest (Browns) and awesomest uniforms.

Dallas came in first and the Steelers in third?!? The hell? The Dallas uniform is the boringest bore that ever did bore.

Can’t you just hear the person that designed their uniform as he/she pitched it to the team?

“Okay, like, listen. Okay, picture this . . shiny gray pants, a white stripe running down the legs, and two –yes, you heard me right– TWO blue stripes! And the jerseys?!? Okay, listen, we’re really getting close to the cutting edge here so keep your minds open . . . I’m thinking . . . WHITE! With blue lettering. I know, I know! And the best part. The helmet! A star! Yes, a S-T-A-R, STAR because they are the Dallas Superstars! What? Oh, the Dallas Cowboys?! Ah! No matter! S-T-A-R, STAR!”

Whereas the Steelers uniform is six bajillion times cooler and I can’t believe we came in third.

The only way I can figure that Dallas came in first is that when they heard “Dallas Cowboys,” everyone thought of this uniform first:

Guys? Wipe the drool. Sheesh.

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