PittGirl Teaches: Blind People 101

The other day, I crossed Grant Street near the corner of the Frick Building when a handsome twenty-something blind man caught my eye as he stood on the corner and politely asked two twenty-something male professionals for directions. Said professionals proceeded to shout loudly that he needed to “go down that way” and then they POINTED . . . yes POINTED for the BLIND man to see that he needed to head down Forbes. I rolled my eyes and walked on as the blind man asked them “which way now?”

I swear I am NOT making this up.

Next corner, a blind woman is walking with her seeing eye dog and asks a fifty-something male professional for directions. Fifty-something male professional proceeds to POINT DOWN THE STREET and say, “go down that way.”

Again. Not making this up. I bet blind people deal with that all the time.

The lesson, Burghers, for today is this: Blind people . . . are blind.

There ya go.

Note: Have you ever done a Google Images search on the word “blind”? WHOA! Excuse me while I go run my eyeballs through the dishwasher.

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