Cat disturbs the shit.

Remember my last item on Cat’s Call, the Post-Gazette’s weekly local advice columnist?

Well, she really outdid herself last week (I missed the article because I was sicker than . . . just about anything sick you can think of).

DEAR CAT: My boyfriend and my best friend have never gotten along. It’s now so bad that we can’t even hang out together. If he says anything, she snaps. If she says “It’s a nice day,” he gets annoyed. I’ve tried talking to them but he thinks she’s a snob and she thinks he’s a “neanderthal.” Any advice? — TORN

Cat’s Call: When there’s mutual loathing, there’s a solid reason. Any chance those two have “gotten along” in the past?

Do my eyes deceive me, or is Cat coyly suggesting that perhaps best friend and boyfriend have bumped uglies in the past? Man, did that come out of nowhere! Now I bet “Torn” is going to be all paranoid and start snooping, instead of just believing what is probably true, that best friend and boyfriend are just not that into each other.

PittGirl’s Call: Sit them down and tell them to grow the hell up.

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