“Ode to the Burgh”, by David Conrad

Reason # 6,492,452 why I worship David Conrad, who stars in Jennifer Love Boobitt, er Hewitt’s new show on CBS. From the PG:

Conrad remains connected to his Pittsburgh roots, too, perhaps more than any other television actor today. He plans to be back in town a couple of times each month even while filming “Ghost Whisperer.”

“I was jogging on the beach today, and I had my Iron City shirt on and a guy screams out, ‘Gibsonia!’ And I was like, ‘Swissvale!’ ”

Conrad grew up on the border of Swissvale and Edgewood, and he has no desire to leave the ‘Burgh behind, even if he can’t fully explain his love for the city.

“I think it’s irrational. Why do you fall in love with somebody’s face? It’s just the shape of the place and great memories, and I care about the people,” he said. “I feel like I’m still one of them, and if there’s a way I can contribute to some kid’s education the way somebody contributed to mine when I was 10, I like to do that. There’s a peculiar kind of good Americanism to Pittsburgh. It’s kind of conservative and strangely liberal in weird ways. It’s a weird combination of things, and I like that. I like the sound, the way people talk, the way they greet one another. I like the neighborhood qualities. It’s like the life I didn’t choose.”

Dude, that’s beautiful. I’m going to put that on my email signoff.

My new goal in life, in addition to completing an entire NYT Sunday Crossword without the use of a dictionary and to get Steeler’s season tickets, is to be invited to a party at David Conrad’s loft in the Strip. Off to plot.

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