Ewww. Just, ewww.

Guys? And by “guys” I mean, “males.”

Guys? Can we talk?

Do you work in a professional office? Do you take the office newspaper or magazine into the bathroom with you in plain sight for all to see? Do you then return said office newspaper or magazine to its original location upon your return from the restroom?

You do?

Cut it out!

I mean, a guy in a suit walking into the men’s restroom with the rolled up office newspaper tucked under his arm might as well place a large placard around his neck, a la a striking worker, that says, “I’m going to take a dump.”

And unless you then soak the literature in Lysol when you are done, please burn it. Don’t return it where others will touch it.

Eww. Just, eww.

This is probably how I got sick last week.

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  1. Jo Janoski
    September 21, 2005 9:40 pm

    Oh, I sure hope those guys listen! LOL.