Annoying Burghers of the Week EARLY edition.

Yep, Annoying Burger of the Week on a THURSDAY! Aren’t you lucky?

Who? Well, that would be the Pittsburgh City Council.

Why is it that the second, and I mean the second that politicians get a whiff of money troubles, i.e. going over budget in this case, their immediate first idea to fix it is to stamp a big fat “CANCELLED” on a couple of their employees?

“What the f– we’re over budget?! How the hell did that happen? [STAMP] There goes my secretary. Billy, who you gonna fire?”

Why doesn’t city council instead look at their spending in OTHER areas.

I vote cuts can be made elsewhere:

  • “…it was among the $1,300 in custom framing jobs Ricciardi ordered in 2003 and 2004, and among the $5,000 council spent as a whole on picture-framing …”
  • “…those were just some of the dozens of books Carlisle has charged the past 20 months, using $2,400 in taxpayer funds. Others include cookbooks, romance novels and self-help books.”
  • “…$963 in Christmas cards by Carlisle in 2003 and 2004, and $408 in Christmas cards by Udin.”
  • “…the city issued a payment to Lee Johnson, a man who lives with Carlisle’s mother. In all, he received $10,800, which Carlisle requested and which she said was for an ongoing study of health care needs of senior citizens in her Homewood council district … Johnson said he was using the money to write ‘talks and speeches’ for Carlisle, not a health care study.”
  • “…$3,628 for embossed proclamation folders, $1,553 for private photography services, $1,446 for custom triangle logo lapel pins.”

“Custom triangle logo lapel pins?”

Where can I get me one of those bad boys?

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