Swallow your coffee and step away from your keyboard

For real.

Because I just spewed my pumpkin-spice latte all over my new flat panel monitor when I read this news item.

Apparently some fun-loving prankster at the State Police doctored a news release that was sent to the media. The incident report, which was concerning the theft of a radio from a truck, had an extra line that had been typed.

That line read:

“i (sic) found the victim to be very sexually exciting!!!!!”

Now, you KNOW if I had been running a media outlet and that press release came across my desk, I would just stop the presses and print the damn thing as it was, because that is just ridiculously awesome.

I’d like to shake the hand of whatever trooper it was that played that prank on his buddy. The state police agree that likely the prankster never meant for the joke release to be faxed out.

Again, that’s just awesome. Read the story here.

Note: Sorry for the lack of images. I’m wrestling with Blogger image uploader this morning, and at this point, Blogger is kicking my sorry ass.

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