Now THAT is self-awareness

My previous post on the sudden spreading of Jews for Jesus representatives downtown got me curious, so I Googled them and went to their web page. (I think we all can agree that I am easily influenced and if you send me a link and tell me that I could purchase the planet Pluto for five bucks by clicking here . . . CLICK!)

Continuing on. There is a flash animation on their home page called, “Man, These Guys Tick Me Off!”

That is self-awareness! That is like Melanie Griffith putting a flash animation on her web page for anyone who has ever seen her and said to themselves or out loud, “Man, that lady needs to lay off the plastic surgery!”

One question though. If you are aware that you are ticking some people off by handing the same information to the same people over and over and over again, and you continue to do it . . . well shouldn’t you do something about it?

Again, they are harmless and I have no problem with their message or their wish to spread it. I do however question their tactics.

I would hate for the scientologists to stand on every corner, because in order to avoid them as completely as I do, it would take me six hours to walk to my building because of the necessary detours.

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