I’ve got a headache today. I blame Bush.

I have heard the Bush administration blamed for LOTS of things, but this is a new one.

Real sex ed

In reply to Barbara Devine’s Sept. 21 letter “It’s not intercourse,” I believe the reason many teens think that oral sex is not sex is a result of the Bush administration’s push for abstinence-only sex education. If kids were taught the real facts of sexuality, maybe they would have an idea of what sex is, not to mention how to protect themselves.

Grove City

Huzzah? I would venture a guess that the reason that most of these teens say oral sex is not sex is so they don’t feel like they are doing something they shouldn’t. So you think that specifically telling kids that oral sex is in fact sex, they will go, “Ewww. Sex? No way, man! Gross. I’m not doing THAT again!”

Good one, N.

If any political figure taught kids ANYTHING about oral sex, I think we can all agree that that person would be William Jefferson Clinton.

Again. This is NOT a political blog. This is a blog where I read stuff and put it in my head, let it swirl around and THEN decide how I feel about it. Not democrat and not republican. Just PittGirl.

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