Bob! You forgot your weapon again!

This concerns me greatly. This is a picture of the one of the ladies involved in the recently-busted Monroeville prostitution ring (She’s no Heidi Fleiss. Hell, she’s no Mrs. Doubtfire either!), as she is being led from the Monroeville Municipal Building (photo via Trib/Merriman).

What concerns me is not the fact that I’m wondering if she is one of the prostitutes (um, ew?). No, what concerns me is the sign in the background, which I am assuming says,


I can only also assume that this sign is posted to remind cops not to leave their weapons behind as they leave the building.

Is this REALLY a problem so rampant that they had to post a sign to remind their squad not to leave their gun on their desk or in the men’s room or by the coffee machine? Were they just finding guns all over the place, scattered at random and the Chief finally said, “Damn it, Bob. You left your gun on the water fountain again! Someone post a sign please!” Did someone pick up a gun that shouldn’t have?

That concerns me.

What also concerns me is maybe the sign says:


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  1. Grey Hodge
    September 30, 2005 12:01 pm

    The sign is there because officers have to lock up their guns in special little “mailboxes” when entering many buildings like that, such as couthouses and jails. This reduces the chances there will be a repeat event like what happened in Atlanta a year or so ago, when the guy shot several officers and a judge with their own guns. The fact that they would still forget their GUN, even in this situation, is still scary, however.