Diamonds are highly overrated

If you are in the business of being a thief, I hope that you are not wasting your time scoping out banks, jewelry stores, or any other retail/consumer establishment.

Baby, the money is in the hospital.

Namely in long flexible tubey thingies that medical personnel place into the rectums (recti?) of patients in an attempt to have a look-see at the colon.

Colonoscopes, USED ones even (can I get an “eww”?) are apparently extremely valuable.

In fact, four were recently stolen from Armstrong Hospital and they have a resale value of over $100,000!

So now, hospitals have taken to protecting their precious colonoscopes and endoscopes with security cameras, pin cards, and special access rooms that rival the highest level of security at the Pentagon.

You see the things you learn from PittGirl? Now I’ll let you continue on your way while you wonder how you ever got through life without knowing how valuable a used colonoscope truly is.

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    October 3, 2005 12:03 pm

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