“Ow! The learning hurts my head!”

So, I finally caught an episode of “Bound for Glory” on ESPN last night. You know the show about Montour High School’s football team and their efforts to win some games with the help of Dick Butkus’ extremely eloquent speeches, one of which last night went something like this:

“I understand that some of your parents feel like I am being too tough on you guys, and I just want to say from the bottom of my heart that I don’t give a shit.”

For real. Although they bleeped out “shit” so all you heard was “sh-beeeeeep.”

My thoughts:

1. For reality television, I found this to be pretty slow and boring. Lots of shots of the school building, empty classrooms, empty football fields, the scoreboard, UPMC facilities (can you say “product placement”), empty bleachers, etc. No real drama other than injuries and the fact that the cheerleaders had no place to put their trophies until the Miami Heat cheerleaders came to town (did you know that some of the Miami Heat cheerleaders came to town!?) and seemed to be the catalyst for Montour actually getting a trophy case for the national champ cheerleaders. Drah-mah!

2. Why don’t I remember the part of the summer that was rainy and cold enough to require Dick Butkus to wear a jacket? I remember hellish heat.

3. The best quote of the night came from a player with the name of Singletary who was recovering from a concussion and was told by a UPMC doctor to play light and if he didn’t get any headaches, he could play against Albert Gallatin. On the first day of school, he said something along the lines of “I’m not looking forward to the learning. The learning really got a hold of my head. I wasn’t expecting to have to read and stuff on the first day of school.” So he got a headache it seems from the learning. Yeah, “the learning” can do that to you if you don’t warm up first.

4. The most hilarious part had NOTHING to do with football. That would be the scenes from the first day of school in what appeared to be choir or music class, as the teacher was leading the choir through a song that was about “happily running,” or “sunshine,” or “bubblegum filled happy land.” You get the picture. The kids really couldn’t keep a straight face as they tried to sing that crap.

5. There was a pep rally where Dick spoke to the entire school, and I got the sneaking suspicion that not one kid in that whole school knew who Dick Butkus was before he came to Montour. “My Two Dads” was before their time.


  1. Julie
    October 5, 2005 1:57 pm

    If it weren’t for My Two Dads, I would never be able to remember the difference between Dick Butkus and Mike Ditka. Come on – they’re practically the same guy.

    You can count on me! No matter what you do! You can count on me! For years, I thought that the “other dad” (aka the dad that didn’t go on to do bigger and better things) was George Michael.

  2. pittgirl
    October 5, 2005 2:02 pm

    Julie, that is hilarious. Also? I got TIVO! My life, somehow, feels more complete. I don’t think anyone will appreciate that more than you.

  3. Julie
    October 5, 2005 3:02 pm

    OmGz!!! Finally! You should have told me beforehand though – you could have used me as a referrer and I could have expanded my Tivo coaster set! Oh well. I expect a Tivo post soon. You should post your Season Pass list!! VIVA LA TIVOLUCION!

  4. Luke
    October 7, 2005 3:45 pm

    I think this show would be better without Butkus and Crockett. Those Cerro boys Crack me up.