Here, piggy piggy piggy.

So State Speaker Perzel went to speak to some second graders in Beechview, and it truly, as you can tell from the photo (that you can purchase), was AWESOME.

What is awesome?

  1. The teacher that let the kiddies make these “piggy banks” to hang behind Perzel. I bet his heart skipped a few beats when he saw what his backdrop was for speaking to the kids. Now THAT is a Kodak moment if there ever was such a thing.
  2. The kid that asked him if he came in a limo, to which he told a bold-faced lie that he hadn’t, yet a Lincoln Towncar complete with driver and limo plates was parked outside the school. Looks like, smells like, is.
  3. Perzel’s pay went from $108,724 to $145,553, and he claimed he was underpaid when he was making $108k. What is awesome about that? He had the nerve to say that in a school, which houses the most underpaid profession in the universe . . . the teachers. Extremely piggish of him. Again, looks like, smells like, is.

I bet his aides spend all of next week digging him out of this one.

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