Why PittGirl loves the Local News section.

Being a media buff can at times be a wholly depressing thing to be. Case in point, I’ve finished reading the front pages of the PG and I have learned the following:

1. We’re all going to die of the bird flu.
2. People are fighting and dying in Russia today.
3. Craploads of people in India and Pakistan have not received help yet.
4. A 6-year-old Cuban boy drowned while trying to get to America with his family.

That all bites.

However, the local pages?

1. Some firefighters used a company truck to install a satellite dish on one of their houses.
2. Onorato is pissed.
3. CCAC faculty are pissed.
4. The IUP cheerleaders are drunk a lot.

And suddenly, I don’t feel so bad. It’s nice to know that in little ole Pittsburgh, in the grand scheme of things, we’re okay mostly.

Now that I have written a semi-serious post, I feel like I need to say something funny:


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