When the international transit guru laughs, it is time to be scared.

I’m not too comforted to learn that the City’s disaster evacuation plan is basically cramming every person in the city onto PAT buses and forbidding everyone from using their cars to leave.

Stupid much, city planners?

I remember 9/11 so vividly I can tell you what I was wearing and the rough temperature of my coffee when an officemate poked her head in my door to say that the World Trade Center had been bombed (I know). I remember trying to access all of my media sites and not a one allowed me in due to the fact that every single person in the country decided to access those sites too. I remember going to the television and watching the towers fall and then hearing the rumors that there were other planes unaccounted for and that a plane was flying over the Burgh.

Then I remember exactly what I thought: “PittGirl? Get your hot self outta here.”

So I jumped in my car and hit what looked like rush-hour traffic on the Parkway East. No worse, no better. I remember just watching the sky over the river and waiting for a plane to come barreling at my car.

I guess the gridlock was way worse than that for others because the City’s answer post-9/11 is to force everyone onto some buses and T’s and then lock down the parking garages.

I can hear the gunfire and the rioting now.

No one is going to stand for being told they cannot use their vehicle while milling around in massive numbers not going anywhere and waiting on the PAT buses to be our knights in shiny paint jobs.

I’m also not too comforted to hear an “international transit guru” say, “I would advise anybody who works Downtown and drives their car to work to find a job elsewhere if this evacuation plan is taken seriously. I am serious. Because if any emergency ever occurs, they’ll be in real trouble.”

City of Pittsburgh, as an international sex symbol, I am going to side with the international transit guru and say that your evacuation plan sucks.

Try again, would ya? And please, if your next written plan to evacuate an entire city amasses to three whole pages, double-spaced and in 16-point font, it probably is NOT the best, most comprehensive plan out there.


  1. Julie
    October 17, 2005 10:18 am

    Whenever we have to evacuate on PAT buses, will we have to show our bus pass when we get on or when we got off? That always throws me off, you know.

  2. pittgirl
    October 17, 2005 10:40 am

    I don’t know, but you know the residents of Summerset would rather freely inhale anthrax spores than be forced onto a PAT bus.