Big Ben’s personal cheerleader

Have you read Benny’s blog? More importantly, have you read the comments section of Benny’s blog?

Go get your violin please, and play it softly while you read the following comments outloud:

I just wanted to let you know that my faith in you will never die. The way you carry yourself and the inner faith you have will never fail you as long as you BELIEVE. Win or lose, you are all aces. My uncle told me that once during a rough time in my life, and that is something I wanted to share with you. You are that special. It is the one wish I have to just sit and talk with you.
Always, Amy
P.S. Always stay true to yourself and the values you were taught. You will never fail.
i couldnt stop staring at you the whole game your hair looks unreal damn you are such a stud
You are awesome, like an angel, the way you look out for others on the field, and the way you BELIEVE by pointing to the heavens. Your eyes speak a million special things about you. Stay true to yourself as a person, and God shows you the rest. No doubt you know that. Sometimes BELIEVING is tough at points in life, but your strong mind and passionate heart will help guide you. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. Always,
AMY determined2win4life
Ben i think you and the rest of the Steeler players did a awesome job yesterday. Ben i really really like watching the way you play.Ben i was really really scared when you got hurt but Ben i hope you are feeling better soon. Ben i like the like the way your hair is now. Ben i like when you throw for a touchdown and you put your finger up in the sky. i know that’s for your grandfather. Ben i think you are so so CUTE!!!!! I bet you get that all the time but i mean it.
Posted by: Barbara Palmer
If you ever need your own personal cheerleader, just let me know :) Because I would be more than happy to help you out with that. Oh and just thought I would tell you…I’m really liking your hair…it looks very sexy! My god could you possibly get any hotter? I would like to visit Pittsburgh just to come watch you play because I’m like in love with you! Well good luck on your next game sweetie! Talk to you soon.
xoxo Tiffany

Scratch that. Go get your big butcher knife and make the “Psycho” noise while you read them again.

Much better.

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  1. Anonymous
    October 25, 2005 12:51 pm

    Now that’s scary!