What do Cyril and Miss Geist have in common?

Have you been feeling a bit dirty lately, and not the dirt of the dust variety, but dirt of the naughty variety?

Have you been hearing “bow chicka bow” music in your head?

Here’s why, Burghers . . .

The porn world, yes, the ENTIRE porn world has its eyes on you.

And why the hell shouldn’t it?

A simple IMDB search will tell you that lots of actresses listed as being born in the Burgh are in fact, prolific porn stars.

Cases in point here.

And while I was there, I discovered that Miss Geist from “Clueless” was born in the Burgh and that Cyril has an IMDB page.

What the hell would you do without me to inform you of important need- to-know stuff like this?!


  1. blee1
    October 21, 2005 1:47 pm

    lol…. you found Kami…

    She is a very nice woman actually. I gave her tips on home buying a few weeks ago..

    And yes.. Pittsburgh does have even more porn stars that live here.

  2. rob
    October 24, 2005 11:08 am

    Am I the only one amused by the trivia portion of Kami’s profile?

    It has her measurements, then it says “show more”.
    Unfortunately the only addition is her height.

  3. Amos_thePokerCat
    October 24, 2005 1:08 pm

    I was hearing that “bow chicka bow” loop because I fell asleep with the Food Network on.

    The most dangerous place in PIT, between Cyril and a TV camera.