I have a bachelor’s degree in parking lots.

If you tried to park at the Allies garage this morning, you realize that the Teamsters blocked the entrance and you sat in a traffic jam and had to find somewhere else to park.

I’m miffed.

The parking lot workers have been offered a 50-cents per hour raise over three years, from $12.70 to $13.20 per hour and were offered to have 92 percent of employees’ monthly health premiums paid, and they rejected it and they are pissed as all get out.


Am I the only person in this city that thinks that parking cars and taking parking payments for $13.20 an hour is a pretty good deal, with almost all of your healthcare paid on top of that?

Not to mention the tips that a lot of them get and the overtime.

Or is there something I’m missing? I had the same issue when the Turnpike toll-takers went on strike, because, as rude and mean as this sounds, I think being a turnpike toll taker is like a cashier at a grocery store, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Hell, I think working the lunch rush at Wendy’s would be harder than working the booth of a turnpike toll plaza, and those Wendy’s workers are NO WAY making what a tolltaker makes.

Honestly, Burghers, am I missing something here? Why are these car guys so pissed about $13.20 an hour?!

I feel mean.


  1. Anonymous
    October 26, 2005 1:00 pm

    Now I know where to look for a job if I ever lose my current one…

  2. Amos_thePokerCat
    October 26, 2005 2:19 pm

    Yet another reason why I would never take a job working downtown, and why I rarely go downtown to a restaurant.

    You can see proof as to how relatively good these jobs are by the fact they never, ever have to advertise to fill these positions. Wendys. Lots of banners. Lots of open positions.

  3. Anonymous
    October 27, 2005 1:14 am

    Do the maths, could you feed a family on $13.20/hr? Sounds a lot, and well healthcare is pretty damn necessary in the US of A. Now consider $13.20 minus tax. Now that I have you doing some maths, think about a family living off that income. No one’s life is a bed of roses, and sometimes pay increases are seriously unreasonable but when you consider how much you pay for just your car to be in the garage and then consider how much those people get to live off I think you might just be surprised about how much someone else is making from you . . . . and it isn’t the garage attendants

  4. pittgirl
    October 27, 2005 8:40 am

    Here’s my deal, anonymous, 13.20 an hour on a 45 hour work week NOT INCLUDING OVERTIME AND TIPS is still a 30k a year job to park cars and take parking money. I guess I feel that if a person feels that they deserve 35 or 40k a year and 100% of their healthcare paid so that they can better support his family, then it seems to me a person owes it to himself to go and look for a better job or go and get the skills or education needed to get a new job that will pay them that kind of money. I just think $13.20 an hour and 93% of healthcare paid is pretty good for this particular job. ::ducks::

    I am however completely open to an argument as to why my logic is erroneous.

  5. Amos_thePokerCat
    October 27, 2005 12:26 pm

    anon, you really are a snob. You should really talk to some one that does not have a white collar college degree job.Never mind the whole socialist class warfare thing, “you might just be surprised about how much someone else is making from you . . . . and it isn’t the garage attendants”. Do you see any Parking Garage Billionaire on the Forbes list?

    My wife is a LPN working at a nursing house that specializes in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, and she makes about that much. What would you rather do? Make change, or care for 20 seriuously ill Alzheimer’s patients? She is not striking, getting arrested, or generally making an ass of themselves.