Fall decorating with the Trib

If you are going to purchase a framed photo of an orange-suited violent belly slasher, I highly recommend you go with the natural wood frame. It really brings out the pumpkin hues in her suit.

The caption on this photo?

Peggy Jo Conner, of Manor, Armstrong County, accused of trying to cut her neighbor’s unborn baby from its womb, was ordered to stand trial Friday by Rural Valley District Judge Samuel Goldstrohm. Conner, 38, was charged with attempted homicide, kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated assault of an unborn child after authorities say she hit Valerie Oskin, 30, in the head with a baseball bat Oct. 12 and drove her to a secluded region of Wayne in a failed attempt to steal her baby… Defense Attorney David J. DeFazio said he planned to hire a psychiatrist to examine Conner, hoping a doctor could “determine why a law-abiding, caring person would do something like this.”

Well, I’m going to guess the answer to Mr. DeFazio’s question is, “Because she is actually NOT a law-abiding, caring person.”

There ya go.


  1. rob
    October 31, 2005 3:41 pm

    For some strange reason the first time I read this I thought you wrote “orange-suited violent belly dancer”.

    I was pretty disappointed when I clicked down to see the picture. I was already picking out a place on my wall.