Is Kevin McClatchy poor?

Well, the rumors are starting again. Mark Cuban interested in buying the Pittsburgh Pirates.

You already know how badly I want that to happen, because what Pittsburgh baseball needs more of is an owner that will regularly use the word “asshat”.

Now, a few interesting things about this article:

“With little television revenue and relatively low personal wealth, McClatchy’s pockets simply may not be deep enough to be an owner.”

I always assumed Kevin McClatchy was wiping his snots with 100 dollar bills.

“The source added that the demographics aren’t favorable to a new ownership group, and since Pittsburgh is a football town, the Pirates have a tougher time drawing fan interest than do the National Football League’s Steelers.”

While I am aware that the low-attendance at Pirates games is due in part to the crappy way the team often is performing during any given season, I have long contended that the difference between the popularity of baseball vs. football is a supply and demand issue as well. Football? One game a week for a four month period. Baseball? Seems like four games a week for six months. I put forth that if baseball and hockey moved to one game a week like football, good things would happen. Supply . . . and demand.

That could just be me being over-simplistic.

And while we’re on this subject, how come baseball is the only sport where the coach/manager dresses in full uniform exactly like his players? I’d like to see Bill Cowher come out in pads, uniform and a helmet. Same way I’d like to see a basketball coach flipping out on his players while wearing court shorts and hi-tops. Picture it. Awesome.

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