Calling Coneman . . .

You know what the distressed communities of Pittsburgh need? Social programs, clean playgrounds, safe schools?

Nope. According to the city council, they need trees. $109,000 worth of trees. City Council decided AGAINST using the money to repave roads and will use it to plant trees instead.

A family is driving through a distressed town watching all the trees go by when a massive, jarring thump is felt.

Girl in the back seat: Daddy? Did you just hit a deer?
Daddy: No hon. Just a pot-hole. Ooh, look at that pretty tree. Doesn’t it look just like the other six million we’ve seen?

It is decisions like this one that are the reason we are all driving around with screwy alignments. You know, I bet if Coneman were still around and hadn’t been forced into retirement by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, he’d have stormed into council chambers and kicked their asses over this vote.

Is there like a Coneman signal like the one Batman has? We should dust it off.

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  1. Mark Rauterkus
    November 12, 2005 10:27 pm

    Burgh Man was way better than Cone Man — by far.

    BTW, Burgh Man moved to Florida about two years ago.