I see weird Burghers.

Waiting for my bus yesterday, I spotted another weird Burgher. A hot weird Burgher. She was tall, blond, very good looking. You need a visual to understand why this particular sighting cracked my shit up and what better way to illustrate a hot, thin, blonde than with a stick figure?

Whoa! Hot! Keep your pants on boys.

She was walking down Grant carrying an open umbrella and talking on her cellphone.

But it wasn’t a normal sized umbrella. It was one of those ones that are so huge they knock people off of the sidewalk.

That’s better.

Oh, and did I mention that it wasn’t raining? I mean, it was raining maybe 15 minutes earlier, but it wasn’t even sprinkling now.

Oh, yeah. Did I also forget to tell you that her umbrella was 100% totally inverted and she had no clue at all?

Awesome, hot weird Burgher, you!

Question: How does a HUGE golf-sized umbrella become inverted and you not feel it happen?

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