“Bob” responds. Case closed.

Bob replied.

weaseling are you? ok. i was twelve at the time as well. i guess my family’s proximity to a National Record Mart made the difference, or that i have an older sister who was about seventeen and wanted nothing more than to be Alannah Currie – the one with the hair (i had to google her name, of course) of the Thompson Twins. i had my influences. and about two dozen of those cool WXXP bumper stickers. hmm. i wonder where i ever put those? your defense sounds legit. i’ll continue to visit your site when in need of some ‘burgh entertainment.

hearing adjourned.

You can get a WXXP bumper sticker here for only $8.

I hope you all enjoyed this peek into the letters I receive. I would share with you my most recent communication with Woy, but thought that should remain private as words such as “hookah”, “hot piece of ass” and “guaranteed male model” were thrown about…by him.

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