PittGirl has got the scoop.

I can report exclusively that the youngest Hillman granddaughter is dating the second cousin of James “Dawson” Van Der Beek.

I fully expect the national, if not the international media to pick up on this story.

I happened to go back to my original Lilah Hilliard Fisher post and found this comment. God only knows when it was posted by “anonymous”:

The reason they have mention about the movie is because Lilah’s brother is the producer of the movie. Matthew Fisher and also has a larger role in the movie. He also has a great CD that I urge you to buy. www.matthwefisherband.com

I just happen to be dating the youngest granddaughter at the moment!

I’m not an actor unfortunately but my 2nd cousin is James Van Der Beek!!

no impresseive :( I tried…

Now, should this reader happen to pop back onto the blog, I’ve got a few questions that he should answer in the comments section:

1. What is it like to date a Hillman? Have you met Henry and Elsie? What is the most extravagant thing you have ever seen the Hillmans drop money on?

2. What is James Van Der Beek like and what the heck is he doing nowadays? Ever talk to him? Does he think PittGirl is hot? How does he feel about Joey Potter’s descent into scientology madness?

3. Does the youngest granddaughter of Henry Hillman (who you are dating “at the moment” — by the way, that sounds committed), you, or your second cousin, know David Conrad and what can you or they do to assist PittGirl in achieving my new lifelong goal of being invited to a party at his loft in the Strip?

By the way. Henry Hillman’s youngest granddaughter is dating the second cousin of James Van Der Beek. You heard it here first.

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